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Forum is a dynamic managed service company delivering a range of innovative technology solutions, all designed to enhance business efficiency, productivity and impact.


We enable businesses to access the latest technology, without the need for capital outlay and in many cases being cost neutral or better still, cost positive to the client.

Businesses We Help:

Feature Case Study


See how MorCo Fresh added an additional 20 deliveries each day across their fleet with a telematics solution from Forum Fleet.


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At last, the fresh approach we were looking for

8 things Customers love about Forum.


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In this short introduction, understand what we can do for your business.


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Customer Feedback

"It makes it so much easier only having to deal with one company"

"Our account manager really made the effort to understand the problems we were having and then gave us a solution that worked"

"When I had a billing issue, it was fixed straight away - that's not the norm"

"Before Forum came along, we never heard from anyone. What a difference they have made since we started dealing with them"

"The best thing is, I don't have to think about this IT stuff anymore. It used to waste so much of my time" 

"I wish we'd put this fleet tracking system in years ago. Talk about getting more work done - it's bloody fantastic"


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